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Shasta College

Employee Success Series

with Brooke Winter


Employee Success Series

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the established dates in this series do not fit with your schedule, upon request, this training can be delivered to your place of business at a convenient time for you and your employees. And, it can also be made available as 'in-person' training. This training meets the ETP Funding criteria for ETP eligible employers. 

Join us for a workshop series meant to set you up for success in any environment. These topics will increase your emotional intelligence and make you more desirable no matter what your profession. Take part and gain the knowledge, work habits, and character traits necessary to succeed in this rapidly changing world! 

Take all 6 classes for only $49 - for the entire series! 

All classes are held from 11:30am-1:00pm on Thursdays, via Zoom.

1. Communication –

Date: September 28 (important note: this is the only class that meets on a Wednesday)

Facilitator: Brooke Winter

Clear and effective communication is critical at every level of the workplace. Improving your communication skills can improve productivity, efficiencies, working relationships, and the overall culture of your organization. This course is designed to provide you with the strategies, tools and techniques needed to become a more effective and impactful communicator, wherever you may be.

2. Resilience –

Date: October 6, 2022

Facilitator: Lesley Butcher

Can you cope with and rise above the challenges, problems and set-backs that we will all inevitably face throughout this life? We can all benefit from developing our ability to handle and recover from difficult situations. It’s not necessarily about toughening up, but about bending and adapting to come out even better at the other side. This training will give you some tips on how to do just that.

3. Analysis Solution Mindset –

Date: October 13, 2022

Facilitator: Kate Grissom

In today’s world, workers need strategies to approach and solve complex problems on their own on a day-to-day basis. Learn how to consider different viewpoints and look at the bigger picture in order to identify and define problems, extract necessary information and develop solutions.

 4. Collaboration –

Date: October 20, 2022

Facilitator: Angela Cordell

If you want to go fast, go alone—but for organizations to go far, they must go together. Collaboration is essential if you want to be a successful team member and promote a cooperative culture in the workplace. Through this training, identify ways to connect with your team and gain skills on how to effectively listen, build trust and practice good decision-making.

5. Social Diversity & Self-Awareness –

Date: October 27, 2022

Facilitator: Heather Wylie

The demographic makeup of United States has changed dramatically in the last 25 years, and it will continue to do so. Living and working in our society will require that each of us become increasingly aware of and learn how to value diversity not only in the workplace, but in every scenario that we walk into. This training will help you gain skills on putting an emphasis on inclusion vs. exclusion and helping your organization and community to thrive.

6. Adaptability –

Date: November 3, 2022

Facilitator: Lesley Butcher

Having the ability to rapidly learn new skills and behaviors in response to changing circumstances is something that all employers look for, but it will also help you outside of work in today’s ever-changing world. Whether you’re aspiring for leadership or in a support role, you’ll get some valuable takeaways that will help you learn how to handle stress, use feedback in a positive way, and learn from situations that go wrong. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to the start of each class, your facilitators will email to you the instructions and Zoom link for accessing each workshop. 

  • Sep 28 - Nov 3rd, 2022
    Thu for 6 weeks from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Online via Zoom

For directions, call us at (530) 242-7677

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